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P90X: What, When, Why

I've started P90X. Actually, I have just finished week 3. So the when was 3 weeks ago. I'm determined to catch up on journal entries quickly though. Yeah right, like so many blogs before, this will probably be the last and only post. A token attempt any way.

The what: well, what exactly is P90X? Like a lot of people I didn't exactly know much except it was an exercise program of some kind. Why would I do a program I didnt' know much about? Well, maybe I should answer the why first.  There were two facts I did know. Number one is this guy is rad, and he helped create the program. Number two is this guy is rad too and I knew he had done the program and liked it. I figured if Steve fired up the program, and Reed liked it, it was probably a kick, and very effective.

Getting back to the what, you can find people on the web pointing out that it isn't this or that. It isn't a weight loss program, it's a health program. On the cover of the guide I got it says "Extreme Home Fitness". I actually do some of the workouts at the gym, so for me it's not entirely "home fitness". The one thing I would really emphasize is that it's like having a personal trainer. I've done a couple brief sessions with a couple trainers, and I would say without hesitation that having Tony Horton as my personal trainer  is more fun, more effective, and a whole lot less expensive to boot. 
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