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My firstborn may have inherited some geek genes

Deena just did a walk-a-thon at school. We were very proud of her. As she did in her triathlon, she really tried extremely hard. With a relatively short amount of time left to get to 20 laps, the number needed to win the grand prize, she ran the last 5 laps continuously.  Sadly, they ran out of the "grand prize", and she was extremely disappointed. But she was still happy with all of the laps she did.

Later, she asked my wife how many miles she ran. She told Deena each lap was one fourth of a mile. Deena is pretty obsessed with math, and will ask us to quiz her over and over and over. It's not uncommon for us to give her a problem and just let her try to work it out. To be honest, we have done rudimentary fractions before.

My wife informed me she went off by herself, and sure enough, figured it out. Here is her worksheet:

20 is the number of laps she ran. I presume 4 means every 4 laps is 1 mile. 14 with the box around it means the first four laps make the first mile. "58" should be "28". 312 (the 2 is backwards as well), 416, and finally 520. Five boxes, five miles. Nice work kid.
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