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tigger, dogs

Jonah Goldberg, Laughingstock

Quick Version
Watch Jonah in his own words display a remarkable ignorance of history and simple political concepts. Note the Heritage Foundation background. Presumably that is why no one is laughing.

Slightly Longer Version
When Jonah floats some of his "seriously intellectual" ideas in front of the Daily Show audience, he is laughed at. TDS is of course a liberal audience. Right wing viewpoints are routinely met with opposition. The audience often claps and cheers for John Stewart when he argues right wing viewpoints.

However, it is something altogether different and usual to see a supposedly respected and accepted "thinker" laughed at, uncontrollably, by the audience. Even your everyday Joe can immediately recognize the degree to which Jonah's feeble fascism arguments are beyond just plain wrong, but ridiculous.

Long Version

Scott Horton (Heavyweight) at Harper's thoroughly debunks Jonah's meritless hypothesis, and makes some great points about being more precise about using the term fascism, pointing out that fascist is not the correct term to brand modern day neoconservatism either:
What we see increasingly is a revival not of fascism, but of Caesarism. There is a rush to embrace and anoint a leader, and to follow him blindly where he will go. A lazy neglect of basic principles of conservatism, starting with fiscal and political accountability for the conduct of those in positions of authority. A turn to hazy, vaguely religious social standards that overturn the secular base on which the republic was built. A use of foreign military adventures as a tool to silence domestic political foes and unite the public. A steady appeal to fear as a mobilizing political factor.

This is not fascism. But neither is it the conservatism that served America effectively for many generations.