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tigger, dogs

Happy Lincoln's Birthday (Belatedly)

O CAPTAIN! my captain...


A Belated Happy Lincoln's Birthday to you too. The poem reminds me of another quote I like.

Dickens wrote that we are all "fellow passengers to the grave."

I liked the use of that word: Passengers.

Our journey in life might be filled with sound and fury, but the destination for each and every one of us will be the same.

I didn't actually mean to put Shakespeare there, but oh, well. I may have to make a post of this...
Deena's best friend's father is in grave danger of dying as of today. His fight with cancer looks like it will be lost. :(

It's a horrific reminder that we don't know how long we get to be here.
Dude. I'm so sorry to hear that. He and his family will be in our thoughts.


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