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The Un-democratic Republican Party

I'll try to give some equal time to the Elephant here. For the worst voting shenanigans on the Red side, look no further than Washington state.

The last I had heard was that the results were too close to call, with McCain up by less than 2 percent with 87% of the votes tabulated. The next thing I heard was that McCain had won Washington, 87% of the votes tabulated.

HorsesAss has a short bit on how the state's Attorney General and John McCain campaign chair Rob McKenna is good buds with Luke Esser, the man on the hot seat right now for calling the race prematurely.

Scott Horton goes into the bloody details even more. Some real gems here. Huckabee comparing Washington state to the old Soviet Union. An eye-raising column by Esser from his college days:
"Like any sport worth its salt, in politics you have adversaries, opponents, enemies. Our enemies are loudmouth leftists and shiftless deadbeats. To win the election, we have to keep as many of these people away from the polls as possible."
Let's just stop counting the votes. Hey, sounds like a good idea. Think any one will mind? Naw.
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